Two Dried Leaves


Nafs has extensive experience providing interactive and educational workshops on both team and organizational levels. We work with for-profits and non-profits both in-person and remotely. 

Discovering Your Leadership Style

Interactive Workshop

Leadership comes with great responsibility. Every interaction, action, inaction, word, memo creates a ripple effect on people and impacts your future. This workshop helps you elevate your leadership in a world of constant change and increasing complexity by giving you the skills and mindset necessary for success.

How To think more Stratigicically 

Combing corporate entrepreneurship literature and strategic leadership techniques, this workshop empowers the audience to think more proactively instead of being reactive. Also, this workshop touches on ways to develop intrinsic motivation that helps sustain the individual and avoids burnout.  

Appreciative Inquiry   Interactive Workshop

 Appreciative Inquiry is a unique, positive development tool for creating change, development, resilience, and creativity. AI is different from traditional problem-solving approaches – there is a growing understanding that ‘if you look for problems, you’ll find and create more problems. It focuses on ‘what works?’, building on the research showing that people become stronger and build on their strengths when working from strengths.

Habit Formation

Our brain stores the outcome of each habit. If the feedback is positive, the brain acts automatically when the cue happens again. Thus the Habit Loop is formed and the neural pathway for the habit is wired into our brain. This interactive workshop uses enterprise gamification, neuroscience, and change management to promote behavioral change by focusing on keystone habits on individual and organizational levels. 

What Our Clients Say


Barbara A. Lecker, MBA, CAE 

Vice President of Sales & Sponsorship, Bio

Sophie supported my personal and professional development by helping me find new ways of providing leadership. She opened the door to communication strategies that led to more positive interactions with my peers. Sophie’s knowledge in subjects such as behavior management and leadership is extensive. Her approach is selfless. In your time with her, you’ll find she’s on one team, and one team only – yours. Your journey matters to her. Sophie is open, honest, and available to provide the resources you need to grow and become the self-confident manager you strive to be.