Mindfulness for lost managers!

Have you ever sat in front of the TV for hours and could not get yourself to move? Have you played too many hours of video games in one day ? Have you ever thought to yourself it would be great if I wake up earlier and sleep 2 hours (!!!) sooner at night but that night and consequently that morning has yet to come? AND have to worry about your company, your team and their growth and sanity ?? (let's not mention your family obligations)

Have you ever had a very loud negative self-talk in your head that tells you "you are not doing enough" , " everyone else is doing more" and you try to work around it like how you would avoid your mother when she started nagging about your bad habits as a child?

oh well, if the answer is yes... read on! and if the answer is no, still read on to find what the rest of us humans experience (think of it as watching/reading a reality show!!! oh wait! you probably do not do that...)

Anyhow... here is my answer to the problem:

1) Forgive yourself - like really tell yourself "it is okay"

2) perform a quick RAIN exercise. i.e. : this is the mindfulness step!

3) find little things to change - e.g. instead of 2 hours earlier, go to bed 10 min earlier tonight

4) celebrate small victories so the child within can feel encouraged e.g. when you wake up at 8 instead of 8:10 you are one step closer to your 6:30 am wake up goal !

5) Don't forget that Sh*t happens (since life is unpredictable this will be inevitable so let's take it into account) so...

6) repeat step one

write down the cycle every time you get to step 4 (when you feel good) - overtime you will have a stack of encouragement that can help in building your self-esteem and making you go through the cycle less often (please note: expecting PERFECTION is just simply unrealistic )

Engineering bounce: this process will make your mind perform in a closed feedback-loop mechanism, where the input will be fed back to the system to create a more stable and more "agile" mind-set.

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