Two Dried Leaves

Leadership & Executive Coaching

Working within the consulting and leadership coaching space for ten years, Sophie has a passion for helping executives excel throughout times of rapid growth, change, and uncertainty. With a background in system engineering and organizational leadership, Sophie brings the best of both worlds to the table: the analytical skills to understand the organizational realities and leadership knowledge and experience to create step-by-step measurable solutions.

Example of Leadership Coaching Services: 

•Managing Down: Strategies to manage teams through building reward systems, reporting structures, and creating effective communications channels.
• Leadership Communication Skills: Mapping the organization's influence network and creating tailored
communication solutions for different stakeholders.
• Scalable Organizational Culture: As companies grow in size and impact, the culture shall grow with them. There are techniques to create the right culture by being the role model (transformational leadership).
• Change Management Techniques: Combining Appreciative Inquiry techniques and Kotter's change management, Sophie has developed her proprietary approach to change management. This approach allows for seamless and lasting change and habit creation for the individual and the teams.

Sample Leadership Coaching Roadmap:

Session One 

Session Two

-Discussion about client's leadership journey and determining the developmental strategic goals through an inquiry process

-Determining ways to measure goals

-Discussion of tactical issues that the client is currently facing and coming up with immediate strategies to solve any issues before it impacts the client's political or social capital. 

- Discuss any tactical issues and create tangible plans of action 

-Assess key leadership competencies required for the current and future leadership positions 

-Assess the areas of improvement and areas of opportunity

-Creating a Leadership Development Plan (LDP)

-Begin Leadership Type and Communication Strategy Training

-Assign client homework (~20min weekly commitment) 

Session Three  & beyond

-Review homework results and set goals for the session 

-Continue Leadership Type & Communication Strategy Training

-Any other training based on LDP

-Discuss any tactical issues and discuss any tangible plan of action

-Assign client homework (~20min weekly commitment)