Career Coaching

Nafs career coaching helps you establish realistic goals, discover solutions to challenges you're up against, develop action plans, build self-confidence, and instills motivation to take action, unlike many job seekers who do the minimum and hope for the best.

Career Coaching at all Levels

Discovering the next step in your career can be stressful. Having a coach that helps you navigate the next steps helps you make the right decision and save time.

Nafs Coach offers job search strategy, job/industry transition planning, resume services, interview practice, organizational and individual culture alignment, personal branding strategy, and much more.

Executive Career Coaching

To excel to the next step of your leadership journey it is necessary to have a coherent message and a strong brand. Nafs Coach can help you zero in on your leadership style/brand and create a comprehensive approach to how you describe your leadership competencies through your Linkedin profile, resume, and personal pitch. 

What Our Clients Say


Barbara A. Lecker, MBA, CAE 

Vice President of Sales & Sponsorship, Bio

Sophie supported my personal and professional development by helping me find new ways of providing leadership. She opened the door to communication strategies that led to more positive interactions with my peers. Sophie’s knowledge in subjects such as behavior management and leadership is extensive. Her approach is selfless. In your time with her, you’ll find she’s on one team, and one team only – yours. Your journey matters to her. Sophie is open, honest, and available to provide the resources you need to grow and become the self-confident manager you strive to be.